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CC'S Flower Villa
1445 SW Main Blvd #140
Lake City, FL 32025
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tjandlori edingtontjandlori edington
4 months ago
I will start by saying CC's is by far the best florist in lake city if not all of Florida. My wife attempted to order a bouquet online for my mother-in-law and somehow got connected to a website called Patricia's petals. We weren't sure what it was and assumed it was a delivery service that the company used. Ended up contacting CC's to check on the order and verify the delivery time only to find out the order was placed through Patricia's petals which was actually a scam company with no physical address and primarily automated systems to navigate through with no live representative. After verifying that with CC's they attempted to contact the other florist for us in an attempt to assist in receiving our initial order. After that was unsuccessful they took our order over the phone even though they were going to close in less than an hour and made sure that it was filled and even delivered it after hours. To make a long story short CC's has definitely secured it's place as our family's florist. 12/10 stars would recommend.
4 months ago
Best flowers, best quality. Always has the best accessories and cards. Gotten me out of trouble more than once. Thank you!
Steve LundySteve Lundy
6 months ago
My daughters grandmother died unexpectedly in the Florida Keys, I sought last minute help from CC flowers. They found the funeral home and a local florist that was able to deliver a beautiful wreath to the funeral parlor in time., it was beyond and above the normal services of a florist in Lake city and I truly appreciated their service over the years. They have never let me down and always delivered very beautiful flowers above what other florist offer. They are a top notch florist that will bend over backwards to meet your needs. Thank you CC